This page contains my most up-to-date curriculum vitae, which can also be downloaded in PDF form from here.


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science – Expected June 2012
    Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
    Thesis: Adaptive Underwater Acoustic Communications
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science – August 2009
    Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
    Thesis: Simulation and Evaluation of Deep Sea Underwater Acoustic Networks
  • Undergraduate Education in Computer Science – August 2004
    Brigham Young University-Hawaii, USA
    Senior Project: Development of a Low-cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Research Experience

  • Research Assistant / Graduate Student (2007-Present)
    Jacobs University Bremen, Germany 

    – Designed mathematical models for acoustic signal propagation attenuation due to depth, temperature, salinity and acidity along with bandwidth, SNR and capacity calculations. Also extended noise models to incorporate attenuation by depth and multi-path effects.

    – Developed a power management scheme for disruption tolerant networks in order to maximize the network lifetime and also ensure highest possible data delivery ratio and bandwidth.

    – Designed an underwater acoustic network simulator to test the performance of sensor network technologies and inter-AUV communications.

    – Developed a novel algorithm based on the SIFT feature detector to match 3D scenes by locating similar features. The algorithm performed automatic registration of scenes to generate composites, navigational maps and provide robot odometry.

  • Director of Scientific Research (2005-Present)
    Indian Underwater Robotics Society 

    – Developed the first operational Indian AUV and led the team to the US Navy’s and AUVSI’s AUV Competition. Also designed, two additional AUVs.

    – Led the research and development team for the second AUV as well and supervised development of the Electronic, Computer, Sonar, Mechanical and Navigational systems with primary focus on Sonar, Computer Vision, Electronic Circuit Design and Navigation system.

    – Created a novel inter-aural time differentiation based analog passive sonar localization system that encodes the heading and target distance value in to a single PWM wave based on the input received through only a set of two hydrophones.

    – Developed an underwater computer vision system to locate underwater pipelines and man made objects.

  • Research Associate (2003-2004)
    Brigham Young University-Hawaii, USA 

    – Developed an ultra-low cost and low-weight AUV, which won an award at the 7th International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition.

    – Developed TOUCH, an underwater object tracking system based on computer vision. Also made adaptations of this system to work in amphibious and low-illumination conditions.

    – Researched and developed a navigation algorithm for autonomous underwater robots that allows navigation under location uncertainty using a neural network of an active sonar array.

    – Developed an approach to robotic mapping using multiple robots in a decentralized command system.

    – Developed an algorithm for automatic fluency testing of second language English speakers based on lexical analysis of recoded speech

Professional Experience

  • President & CEO (2007-Present)
    Indian Underwater Robotics Society 

    – Founded the first and only non-profit organization of India devoted to developing marine robotic systems and spreading robotics education in the developing world.

    – Designed and took to production the first low-cost educational robotics kit for students in India to use as part of practical robotics experiments. The kit included custom sensors and motherboard design.

    – Set up an affordable education program for high school, college students and professionals to receive practical instruction in robotics, underwater communication and intelligent systems. Multiple seminars, workshops and summer schools resulted out of the effort.

  • Systems Engineer (2005-2007)
    The I.T. Pros, San Diego, CA, USA 

    – Worked as a systems engineer, setting up and managing networks, systems and technology devices and infrastructure for multiple clients and also performing web development and support work.

  • Software Development Intern (2003)
    Software Factory Ltd., Suva, Fiji Islands 

    – Developed farmer census software for the Fiji Govt.